About Rush Mechanical

When I opened my shop in 1978, I had one simple philosophy:

Provide quality service at reasonable prices.

In the past thirty years since then, a lot has changed in the HVAC industry. However, my philosophy has remained the same. At Rush Mechanical, we constantly seek better ways to service equipment, including keeping up with the constantly changing furnaces and air conditioning equipment. We strive to secure the latest updates from all major manufacturers on new and existing equipment, and maintain open supply lines for almost any part you might need.

On the installation side, we do our research on equipment brands and types to find the best fit for each situation. Although most manufacturers build good products, the one that fits in your situation may not fit your neighbor and our goal is to provide a complete system that will provide you with continued comfort for many years with no worries.

Ray Rush has been serving the Sacramento Valley since 1978, and is a California C20 Warm Air, Heating and Air Conditioning Home Improvement Contractor, License # 441882.